Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PCC 2012

I enjoyed our little VaCa to Ventura this past week. Our plan was to relax, enjoy the beautiful weather, and hear awesome preaching! We did just that!! Unfortunately, I did not take as many pics as i wanted to. Here are just a few...

                                                      camille learned to make the duck face
                                         Jana, Angel and her sister Tita. Tita got the holy ghost at camp!
                                                       Aunt Jana (aka Mamsie) and Millie
                                                  First night with angel and uncle stephen

lol. millie doesnt look too happy here;)
that face;)
                                                                     Great Nana
                                                                Dad and Millie on the pier
                                                                   Our little booger
                                                                   Wednesday Night
                                               Jana asked for a pic..this is what Millie gave her;)
                                                       Starting the day off with a starbucks!
               Marisa and Angel on the last night. These two girls are amazing. Beautiful, sweet, christian girls!!!


  1. LOVE the first pic! I saw you @ camp but didn't get to say hi! Sorry! :(

  2. Glad you had a great time at camp! It is the best!
    Love the pic of Nana and Millie!!
    And the last pic....all three are sweet, Christian girls! :o)

  3. She's so cute! She has so much personality. I'm loving the nick name Millie by the way :)

  4. Awe looks like you had so much fun!! Your daughter is soo cute and precious!! Love you!!

  5. jen- i saw you too, i guess im a little shy! you did great on your songs! you have a great voice:)

    nonny- i love that pic too. and thanks;)

    anali- at first i didnt want to call her millie cuz it sounded grandma-ish. lol but i love it now.

    cassy- hey i missed you at camp! must be busy with wedding stuff;0 love u too