Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our anniversary weekend

We had quite the eventful weekend. Spent our 2nd year anniversary in San Diego. It was so much fun. Thankful we escaped the triple digits for a couple days:) Here are a few pics of our vacation.

On our way to Seaworld, can you tell I'm excited:)

my love and i
Our view in the day and evening from our hotel, Petco Park
Crossing Coranado Bridge and view of downtown SD

the best chicken bowl thing ive ever had. La Salsa across from hotel del coronado
A very unattractive picture of me eating ice cream. Hey, if im going to spend $10 for a scoop of ice cream, i better post it;) lol
Brent boogie boarding ...
..and my left foot;)

Our last stop was dinner at Wings and things, if you've never been, you must!!
camilles jumbo lollipop from seaworld


  1. Hurry and go again so that Millie can come see her Nonny and Poppy! ;-)

    Glad you had fun!

  2. Happy Anniversary! We love going to San Diego, too.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Love the pics, you go girl with your ice cream! lol I saw you at PATH from a distance and didn't get to say hi AGAIN. Sigh, at West Coast? lol ;)

  4. Haha Ok! OR at ladies day, will you be there? I'm planning on being there this year.