Monday, April 20, 2015

Vacation to Hawaii

Parker at Pearl Harbor

Brent and I...its like pulling teeth to get him to take a picture!

success! another picture with the hubby!

The ocean was so beautiful! we were watching daddy parasail
across waters.

photo credit goes to camille;)

taking off from LA. I can do without flying for awhile:/

Our first morning in hawaii.

My little family at the Dole Pinapple Plantation

Parker was such a little trooper the entire week. He's so silly

Mia, camilles cousin

Submarine at pearl harbor

USS Arizona memorial from afar

The Memorial

Pearl Harbor

I love them!

It was so fun having my mom there with us.

My millie girl

Ugh! I had one too many of these! So good with the
condensed milk poured on top!

The babies

chubby fingers and chubby cheeks are the best

what would i do without her:))

goodmorning parker

Ko Olina resort! This was our view from our room

the way of transportation for the islanders lol

our favorite thing to do was relax in the shade

our flight home!!


  1. I spy: Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, Shave Ice, Hawaiian Airlines and Hawaiians in the back of a pickup! No place like it! Did you stay at Hilton Hawaiian Village? Your kiddos are adorable :)

  2. Ohhh the shave ice was sooo good with the sweet milk poured on top! We stayed at the Ko Olina marriot resort. It was such a great family and kid friendly resort:)

  3. Beautiful place!! So glad you guys enjoyed yourself!! We definitely need to do a whole family trip. That would be a blast!